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Most individuals convicted of a criminal offense can’t comprehend the possible significance the conviction will have on their career and future opportunities.

Time is the most important factor in a criminal defense case. The prosecution starts building their case against you as soon as you are charged. It is important that you hire an experienced attorney who understands the laws concerning your case and will protect your rights.

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If you are facing criminal charges in Illinois, call attorney Michael Myzia at (815) 345-4808 to discuss your defense. My office provides assistance to individuals facing criminal charges in most counties in Northern Illinois including Rockford, Belvidere, Oregon, Freeport, Galena and Mount Carroll.

Narcotics Offenses

A defendant’s policy arguments are no substitute for skilled and thorough legal representation. Mere possession of illicit drugs, such as heroin and cocaine, are Class 4 felonies in the State of Illinois, punishable by one to three (or six, depending on your history) years in prison. The possible penalties when someone is accused of intending to or actually distributing narcotics are dramatically greater and depend on the substance type, weight, and where someone is caught with the substance. Many of these cases are won or lost in the pre-trial stage via motions to suppress evidence. It is absolutely crucial that you retain skilled legal counsel from the beginning of your case to maximize the likelihood of the best possible result.

Michael Myzia will take time with you and your case to review all of the materials associated with the case. If a trial is appropriate, Myzia will be prepared to champion your cause and work with you to ensure that you know exactly what is going on with your case. If a plea is appropriate, attorney Myzia will work with you and explore what possible sentencing provisions are possible to minimize the ramifications of such a plea. There are multiple types of probation available in such cases and Myzia will work to provide you with the best possible disposition and work with you to begin your path toward wellness.

Weapons Offenses

The right to possess a firearm is one of the (if not the) most cherished of rights we possess in our wonderful republic. However, courts have found that this right is subject to regulation and restriction. The Law Office of Michael Myzia wants to help you preserve your right to keep and bear arms and will work with you regarding what charge or charges you face. Myzia wants to put his experience to work to help you preserve your FOID privileges and keep your firearms.

In this increasingly violent world, people might find themselves caught up in the legal system due to other measures they have been accused of taking to protect themselves or their loved ones. The Office can review these cases with you, the client, and provide counsel in a situation where legal representation is absolutely essential.

Conservation Offenses

Those who hunt responsibly to feed themselves, their family, and even their friends, can still have contact with conservation officers. Conservation citations and charges have very unique ramifications for hunters and hunting rights in the State of Illinois. If you find yourself in need of legal representation for conservation citations, please call the Office at (815) 345-4808 to schedule an appointment. Attorney Michael Myzia will work with you to thoroughly review your case and make sure you understand everything that can, has, and might happen with your case.

Property Offenses

You might be facing a charge that involves allegations of destruction of or misuse of property. These cases are unique and, often times, have defenses that are specific to the facts of the individual case. What might appear to be a strong case can, with proper preparation and attorney/client communication, be addressed successfully. Law enforcement almost always tries to do their job the right way. Many times, however, they do not have the opportunity to get your side of the story, which may lead to charges that do not reflect what actually happened. The Law Office of Michael Myzia will make sure that your side of the story is told and make sure that you receive the best representation possible.

Battery Offenses

Far too often charges regarding physical fights hinge on who wins the race to the phone. The reality of the matter is that winning a fight doesn’t always mean starting a fight. It is extremely important to retain an attorney who is going to pick apart the police reports in your case. It is vital that you have an attorney who is going to memorize everything the complainant said to police so when that complainant (often the person who lost the fight) decides to embellish their story at trial or add things to their testimony that police were never told about or things that run counter to the physical evidence, your attorney can point that out to the trier of fact. Battery offenses are extremely fact specific and victory loves preparation in battery cases in particular.

If you are facing a criminal charge in Illinois, time is crucial. Please call Michael Myzia at (815) 345-4808 for a free consultation today.