Driver’s License Reinstatement

The state of Illinois considers driving a privilege that can be suspended or outright revoked for any number of legal offenses. When the period of license suspension ends, your driving privileges are not automatically or immediately reinstated — you must take specific action to get your driver’s license reinstated.

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Suspension vs. Revocation

The suspension or revocation of a driving license both result in the loss of all driving privileges. Each verdict is different, as detailed below, though both require fees and processing to obtain reinstatement.

Suspension of License

A driver’s license suspension results in the loss of driving privileges — depending on the offense — for a designated period of time. Your license could be suspended for a few months or several years.

Revocation of License

A revocation is the indefinite loss of driving privileges. Revocations typically have a minimum time period before steps can be taken to regain driving privileges.

Steps for License Reinstatement

In order to get your license reinstated you will need to have a hearing with the Illinois Secretary of State’s office. There are two types of hearings: informal and formal. Less serious offenses only need an informal hearing, whereas more serious offenses require a formal hearing.

Informal Hearing

Informal hearings are offered for the following offenses:

  • Offenses without a fatality
  • First-time DUI offenses
  • Minor moving violations

After obtaining an informal hearing through the Secretary of State’s office, you may be eligible to receive a restricted driver’s permit, or to have your license permanently reinstated.

Formal Hearing

A formal hearing is required if your offense involved:

  • A fatality
  • If you have multiple DUI convictions

To receive a formal hearing, there is a fee and an application. Your hearing date will be assigned to you via the mail. As a result of the hearing, you may obtain a restricted driver’s permit, have your license reinstated, or possibly a denial.

Post-Hearing Reinstatement Processing

After becoming eligible for driver’s license reinstatement, there are several prerequisites you must meet. You must pay any and all fees, show proof of insurance, and if required, install the breath alcohol ignition interlock device (BAIID) in your vehicle.

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